In 2019, Grace Episcopal Church designated a portion of their endowment fund to be given in the form of broad range grants of up to, $10,000 to non-profit, and municipal organizations, that provide services which help the communities served in the Greater Manchester area.


Proposals for a project, program, or operating funds, must provide the following information:

  • Identify the problem to be addressed and the needs to be met by the project. Provide supporting data.
  • Describe the goals and overall impact of the project or program
  • Describe your program objectives, activities, strategies, staffing partners, timelines and explain how the design will enable address the problem or need. Identify the project as new or continuing.

Proposals for Capital Campaign funding must provide the following information:

  • Describe the proposed campaign, including goals and objectives
  • Describe the desired outcomes of the campaign
  • Identify the need/problem to be addressed, target population and number of people to be served
  • Define the timetable for implementation and completion
  • List campaign leadership and their affiliation
  • Specify your plans for continuing your progress at the completion of the capital project.


Proposals will be considered once per year. Deadline for proposals for the spring cycle are due no later than March 1st. Applications should be complete on submission. The Grace Episcopal Church Grant Committee will consider all proposals and make funding decisions at its regularly scheduled meetings following these deadline dates. For more significant projects a request for a site visit or having a member of the applicant organization attend one of its meetings to discuss and answer questions about the project may be required. Additionally, applicants may be asked to provide a brief summary report detailing how the grant funds were used within the applicant organization. Notification of awards will be made within three months of the cycle application deadlines.

The application, preferably in the 5-10 page range should address the following:

  • Purpose of the project.
  • Summary of how funds will be used.
  • Expected impact of project on the communities served and how that will be measured.
  • A specific monetary request.
  • Budget for the project that includes all sources of financing.
  • Brief background on the organization.
  • Financial statements for the sponsoring organization.
  • Proof of 501c3 status if applicable
  • Name, address, phone number and email address of a contact person
  • Board of Directors/Management Team profile (name, address, email).

Please submit all applications and any questions electronically to treas.gracechurch.manch@gmail.com